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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012...Moving on

We made it through Christmas without decorations, first time in my life, and I did miss them. I bought enough things to make cookies and candy and have a nice meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We decided the flat screen TV we bought for the new house would be our gift to each other since we are in the saving mode for moving. Dave had off the week between Christmas and New Years so we went shopping in the City of San Antonio, site seeing and we did the can't leave Texas without seeing the Alamo!

I was telling my granddaughter who is in 10th grade about our site seeing and told her we enjoyed the Alamo. She asked me...."What's the Alamo?"  How sad. What's wrong with America? Our children are not being taught how the country came to be, the hardships suffered, the wars, the great people who made us what we are.

Waiting out the winter is the hardest part for me right now. We are clearing up some of the legal problems we had with the house and waiting for the winter to pass. It would be horrible to pack up and run into a snow storm on the way up north with a huge moving truck.

I missed my doctor appointment in Pittsburgh because there wasn't any reason to go with all the changing of the medicine. I'll be going in March and I hope it doesn't snow!

With everything packed I'm finding it hard to keep moving with nothing to do. If you stop moving with this disease, you might never move again. I noticed my friend Kathy was doing a sew along for the next year, one Chicken block a month. When I lived in Lancaster I had many chicken items but since then have sold or given most of them away. I decided to try and get enough sewing items together to sew along. I couldn't find my rotary cutter but did find the mat and ruler. I also found a small tote with fabric scraps and a trip to Wal Mart I was able to find several fat quarters to fill in, a box of pins and a yard of light fusible. Today I put the block together. Tomorrow I'll be on the hunt for one box of embroidery thread or I'll have to plan a trip to Jo Ann's to buy a selection of colors.

I also found some country puzzles to put together. This one I just finished. Guess I'll have to start another one while I wait for February's Chicken block to be posted.

In the mean time, Dave is having so much trouble with his job. The new announcement is 12 hour days for 90 days with no time off and the threat that if you miss a day you start chalking up points that will  end in being fired. This sounds a lot like "I own you, there fore you are my Slave".  I don't know how they expect men and women to work these hours without accidents and mistakes. Think about the possible mistakes...these planes carry lots of people over your head. One lost tool or bolt bouncing around in a plane can bring it down. When Dave first went for the training and interviews he was so impressed. Because of the size of the compound he saw golf carts and bikes all over the place. But he soon learned they can only be used by "Upper" management. Over the past 6 months he's seen a "few" of these Upper people drive a 14 passenager van past the lowly workers...empty. The workers who build these wonderful planes have to walk from the parking lot to the hanger at the end of the runway, back for breaks and lunch and all the way back to the parking lot at night...about 5 miles a day, no matter what the weather is. The bikes and golf carts?....sit unused. When they say Texas is a right to work State, they forget to add the employer has the right to abuse you.

Our truck was robbed again. This time we forgot to remove the rachet straps that tie down my power chair. In the morning they were gone. Without the dog I had to arm myself with pepper spray, just in case. Of course, there's always the gun, if my hands will allow me to pull the trigger.

We will make it. We are both a lot stronger then letting a few things like these getting us down. We just have to keep looking forward.


shawkl said...

Thinking of ya'll a lot...can't wait until you can get the heck out of Texas!

Margie said...

Have been wondering about you and it's nice to read a post from you. I think I will make a chicken today or at least start one!! Take care and I think of you often.

Sherry said...

You need one of these:

You are just in the wrong part of San Antone. And I don't know where the good part is. I do not like cities!

We have a New Holland tractor. One key fits them all. The tractor sat on a pad beside our house for 5 1/2 - 6 years before Sam got his shop built. Don't get me wrong...we have crime here. But we still have that same tractor.

School is a shame. But while I was subbing a student fussed and asked, "Why do we have to keep going over the same thing year after year?" I replied, "Do you think it's so the next generation doesn't make the same mistakes as the past generation?" We get a quick lesson on other states but about all that is required is remembering the capitol and what year they joined the union. Your granddaughter has evidently not seen a moving pertaining to the Alamo.

Texas employees do have rights and a venue for complaints:

Texas is also an "at-will" state. An employer can fire you today. But you can also quit today and have no repercussions (unless of course you signed a contract stating otherwise).

Love your chicken! Stay busy.