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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Couldn't move without a mess

It's been a hard two weeks. I mostly stayed in bed or on the sofa. Late last night Dave walked into his bedroom and stepped onto a flooded carpet. I know all too well that water travels so before we settled down for the night, we had to move everything out of half the room and hope that was enough for the night.

It looked like the pipes to the tub were leaking so when the plumber came he cut out the wall in the bedroom. Nope, no leak, just lots of water under the tub. He decided the water was coming from the house connected to us. Upon examining the house next door, he found the air conditioner unit was frozen, had defrosted over and over and this was sending the water to our house. I'm wondering how the neighbor didn't notice the air conditioner wasn't working when it's been over 100 degree's for at least 2 weeks.

They sent in a fellow to suck up the water on the carpet and now it will take a few weeks for the area to dry before they can replace the wall.

Finally finished the French Braid, washed it and packed it for the move

I've decided to wait to do the Flower Quilt until after we move. There's just too much to do, too many trips to Pittsburgh and too much packing, not to forget we haven't had one day to look for another place yet.


shawkl said...

Geez! Sometimes it seems you just can't catch a break! But, your braid quilt is just gorgeous! I'm loving it! When I visit again, I want to sleep under it! I'm hoping ya'll will find a good spot this summer to move to. Hugs!

Shogun said...

Hi Holee - water damage can be awful! I can't imagine not realizing the a/c unit wasn't working.

Holee said...

Ali, I've tried several times to post to your won't let me for some reason. Hang in...time has a way to change everything.

Rhonda said...

Just wanted to hello there Holee. So sorry to hear about the water problem but as you said, I can't imagine how the neighbors didn't realize what was going on.

Sherry said...

I still love your French braid...and mine too. I have it on the table beside my living room chair. It fits perfectly!

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

It's sad that you have to move again hope you find something soon. I just hope there will be no mildew to contend with on your stuff.

JessicaSews said...

I hate to think about you moving again, Holee! I hope you get into a wonderful, cozy place with no flooding and leaking issues... you deserve it!

I like your braid quilt!