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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let it Snowman Quilt

I've had this quilt top made for many years and never finished it. I have a friend who has been very kind to me even when I'm not feeling good or moody from the prednisone I have to take sometimes that makes me out right nasty. She really loves snowmen so this was the week to put this quilt together and send it off to her.

Since I have 3 totes filled with unfinished projects I've decided not to buy anymore fabric unless I need it to finish one of the projects. I'm on a roll! Now to work on the Flower Garden Quilt or the French Braid Quilt.


shawkl said...

What an inspiration! As are you! I just pulled down a box from my craft closet yesterday....looking for something; and "found" UFO's I had forgotten all about! Yes, I put the top right back on that box...and stuffed it right back into the closet! You make me want to go get it back out...almost!

tisme said...

Good for you Bea, I am going to work on some things for my family this year. And for some good friends.
NO swaps, unless you twist my arm.

Rhonda said...

Hi there. Your thoughts about not buying fabric unless you really need it run along my way of thinking at this time.
I was resorting, ironing and shifting my stash around and OMG, I have too much, so I decided to "not" buy until I get lots of projects done.
The Snowman quilt looks amazing, BTW.
Take care.