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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

French braid and Zoo fun

I've been trying to get the ladies to finish up the mini swap. I've added more of the quilts they made and more will be coming soon.

I have been working on a French Braid quilt that my Friend Sherry posted on her blog.

I hope to get this top finished by early next week.

The weather has been so beautiful that we went on a trip to the Zoo. The butterfly house was so much fun! Butterflies were very friendly and sat all over us.

Then we went to feed the Lories...what fun!

And other animals

The bald Eagles were shot and can no longer fly. They have found a home at the San Antonio Zoo. What a fabulous bird!


Sherry said...

Love seeing the photo of you!

Can't wait to see your finished quilt!!!! Is the tutorial easy enough to understand? Anything I need to change to make it clearer?

Holee said...

The tutorial is very easy to follow. I'm just not crazy about working with Homespun. The Moda woven holds it's shape a lot better.

Rhonda said...

Holee, thanks for the link to the tutorial.
Looks like you have a great time at the zoo. Those butterflies are beautiful ..... makes me want to put them in a quilt.
Take care.

bingo~bonnie said...

Ooough - what a fantastic braid you have going! That solid red fabric just SINGS among those handsome plaids!

Thanks for the photo of the butterfly and the orange slice - that gave me a great idea. Next Friday here at our botanical garden they're releasing 500 butterflies in celebration of Earth Day. We went last year and my twins kept wanting to HOLD the butterflies - which they kept reminding the kids to TRY NOT to do so... so this year I'll take some oranges and cut in half and let them hold the oranges in hopes that the just released butterflies will land upon them for a drink then my kids can "hold" them and see them upclose. :)

Love from Orange,

elsie123 said...

Sounds like a fun day. I especially like the pictures of you with the birds up close and personal. :)