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Friday, September 17, 2010

New Mini Quilt Swap 2010


made by BingoBonnie for SewLoves2quilt

made by sewlove2quiilt for Bingobonnie

made by Tisme for warmBuns  (wool)

made by WarmBuns for Tisme

Made by Nlk for Holee


Made by Holee for nlk

Made by Quiltnanny for AngelaC

made by AngelaC for Quiltnanny

Made by Missmikol for Gonesewin

Made by Gonesewin for Missmikol

made by expatquilter for Kentucky-Sunshine

Made by Kentucky-Sunshine for expatquilter

made by bluesnail for Shey

made by Shey for bluesnail

made by everythingquilts for Quiltaholic

made by Quiltaholic for Everythingquilts

made by MyJack for Turtle9

made by Turtle9 for MyJack

made by Dabbado for Ely

made by Ely for Dabbado

made by amiyoko for OwenJulesMommy

made by OwenJulesMommy for amiyoko

made by WildCatMom for QuilterJen

made by QuilterJen for WildCatMom

made by Cindy for Talia

made by Talia for Cindy


JessicaSews said...

Bea, How are you?! I am enjoying the photos of the Mini collection. Especially the one with your figurines! How wonderful to have a wall of quilts made by friends.

Happy Fall!

everythingquilts said...

Hi Bea. all those little quilties look so comforting hanging all around. Must feel great to be in that room surrounded by so much love. The one Gina made is fabulous! I think I had her for a partner once but could be a different Gina from Whales.
Hope all is well for you. I've enjoyed seeing all the pics of your Grandchildren on FB. The one little girl that looks to be around 8-10 yrs old looks a lot like the pics of your son Mark. Is that his daughter?

bingo~bonnie said...

always love seeing all the mini photos together :) I really threw my partner off didn't I .... at the beginning I showed my fall colors that I had picked up shopping.... but knew all along that her favorites were 1930's :) *giggle*giggle* :)

Thanks again for Hosting Bea!!!

Love from the other side of Texas!

There are readers in other states who live closer to me than you do! really! lol