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Friday, September 17, 2010

Making good choices

It's been a real eye opener trying to get medical doctors in Texas. I spent 9 hours in the Texas University Medical Center in San Antonio on Wednesday. We counted over 80 people waiting, some had been there for over 24 hours. The end result was getting an antibiotic for an infection and a phone number for a family practice doctor that might be willing to take a new Medicare Patient.

I've been posting my problems to the Arthritis Foundation Fourm. One person posted this map so I could see why I was having problems. Pennsylvania is one of only 10 states that people are insured one way or the other and that's why medical care is no problem.

I know people who live in Florida part of the year and somewhere else part of the year. I've checked out flights to Pennsylvania. I've decided it's well worth the price of a flight to keep my doctors in Pittsburgh Medical Center. I'm done fighting with Texas for medical care.

We are really in a sad state when you are turned down because you are on Medicare and they tell you they don't take CASH payments, only insurance, but not Medicare.

I guess to get the sunshine in Texas I will have to do some traveling to stay alive so I can enjoy it!

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