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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What fun!

Today we took a break from wiring the house and went off to meet Tisme and bluesnail at a local quilt shop. We did our shopping for fabric for an up coming project. I've never worked with homespun. It's very soft and country. It reminds me of chickens, homemade jelly, fresh cut hay..gee, it reminds me of Lancaster, Pa.!

Then off to lunch at the local truck stop with Tammy's hubby and my son in toe.
I bought the gals quilting books for a holiday gift. Unfortunately, the book I got for bluesnail is one she already has. But, this will give her a chance to exchange it for one she really wants.

You are sort of spaced out, as ugly as that sounds, when you take medicine for pain. So, the surprise they pulled off would become a little lost and confused until I was able to sit alone and sort out the day. This doesn't mean I didn't totally enjoy the day. It's rare when I leave the house. The last time I ventured out was this past summer when we first got together at this same quilt shop. These outings are so special to me that I would make it to them even if my son had to carry me!

For the past year or so I've been holding mini quilt swaps on HGTV quilting site. Lois and Tammy got together and asked the swappers to make me mini quilts or doll house quilts as a Thank You!!

I sure never expected this! I have just been so glad that for the most part all the swappers came through and with wonderful mini quilts. Along the road we all learned a lot about mini quilts and about each other.

Now that I am comfy sitting in bed, I am really enjoying looking at and touching each and every one, reading the cards that came with them and feeling so at peace to know how many true cyber friends I have. I would really love to cry with happiness, but that is one emotion lost to the medicine I take. Instead, I'll share all my wonderful treasures with you.

We have seen this one in the swap! I was very jealous to see that 2 swappers got one of I have my own along with some needles that are always needed.

This tiny one for the doll house was made by Mikol

Kathy, our expert stitcher made this pretty one. The stitches are so tiny I couldn't believe she didn't do it on an embroidery machine!

Donna in all her own personal grief took the time to make this wonderful red & white quilt which she wrapped in a pink FQ.

Lois did this sunshine one! picture the work gone into this!

Shogun made a doll house quilt and sent along FQ in red and birdhouses two of my favorite kinds of fabrics

This one was made by AngelC

This doll house quilt was made by Terri mae

This tiny one was made by abxkris

Tammy made this great mini tree skirt or table topper, coasters and added some pearl 8 which is always a great surprise! I think she knew our tree will be pretty small this year!

Tammy also made this tote. It even has a solid bottom so it sits nicely. What great colors!
I wish you all could have joined us for lunch! You're a great bunch of ladies and I Thank you all for this wonderful surprise. A special Thank you to Lois for getting this together to surprise me and to Tammy for taking the time out of her very busy life to meet me at the quilt shop!


Shogun said...

I feel so lucky to have been a part of this surprise. I would like to make the trip from michigan to PA sometime. There are some very beautiful minis, they are all so talented. Shogun

everythingquilts said...

I can't think of a better way to have spent the day. Sure wish I could have been there to visit with you all. All the minis are just beautiful, and you certainly deserve them. I've really enjoyed all the mini swaps


Bea that is a wonderful thing the ladies did for you. Unfortunately I missed that post or they didn't contact me because I would have made you one also. It has been a privilege to know you and swap with you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

tisme said...

Hounddog, I am sorry we missed you, we did not know all the ladies that Bea has swapped with online in Blog ville, so we only did the ones from HGTV.
We had so much fun at the quilt shop and at the truck stop. I have to tell you, the waitress at the truck stop was great! We were there for probably 3 hours and she was wonderful to us.
Holee, The tote was not made by me. With all the going ons that day, I didn`t get a chance to tell you, that I gave it to you, because it had come from the New Hampshire retreat, and I felt like you were there in spirit! So now you have your own piece of New Hampshire.

Holee said...

Hounddog, Darlene, is from HGTV. She needs to post more often! I would say that Darlene is the most improved mini quilter in the group of ladies that have been in the swaps!

That's okay Darlene, the last quiltie you sent to me is just wonderful! Did you see it hanging in my sewing room?

I have to say this. I was invited to the Ohio quilt Show and put it aside thinking it would be just too much for me to handle..BUT, nothing would make me feel better then meeting Shogun and Darlene and Donna and it's on the list..Poor Dave, he is always so willing to please me.

Holee said...

Another thought! Maybe we could get Tom to stop by the quilt show! Of course he would have to have a private sale for us to buy his wonderful carvings!

Tom H said...

OK Holee, where is this Ohio quilt show? When?...You sure got some winners of little quilts. And for the record, I don't sell carvings to friends....I gift them....

talia said...

i LOVE the Lita & Ozzy song!! You just keep getting cooler and cooler girl, i swear! I have a mini for you as well and i didn't get it off in time but i have a box i'm preparing for you anyway ;) so be on the lookout! :) love you honey!

Shogun said...

I can get to Ohio - but I must have missed the posting or forgotten when/where so eventually someone has to clue me in.

Holee said...

Shogun, didn't you and your hubby go last year? I seem to remember you saying you did.

From what I understand, It's the NQA in the Columbus, Ohio Convention Center...June 17 - 19th

Some of the gals will be going to visit together, but considering what a pain in the neck I can be at night, I will have to stay at a motel with my son and meet up with everyone.

Something to think about. No snow in least I hope!

Shogun said...

Oh yes, I go to the Columbus Quilt Show every year in June! This was my 2nd year. However, I didn't get to meet anyone. I will make sure to see everyone in 2010! For some reason I thought this was something else in Ohio.

bingo~bonnie said...

what sneaky little quilters to all get busy making you mini minis! :) That is a very great way to thank you for all the work you do to coordinate such fun swaps on the board! ;)

I love both the photos of you opening them and holding them up and then the close ups again after you got home. I'm sure by now you already have them hanging with your collection! :)

I'm happy for you that you got to meet up with tisme and bluesnail :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Gina said...

How wonderful and totally deserved

Love and hugs GIna xxx

talia said...

i'm such a loser! i was "in" on the invitation to do this and because i've turned my PM notifications off i forgot about the deadline! I have a little "something" for you though. I'm so glad you had such a good time and that the surprise came through. You really deserve this and so much more, i just adore you, Bea :)

all of my love,