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Sunday, November 29, 2009

HGTV Pollyanna swap

I started a swap on HGTV called "All I want for Christmas" about 6 months ago. I gave the ladies 20 themes to buy gifts for and swapped them out as "Pollyanna's". We began shipping out the boxes on November 20th. So I would be surprised, I gave my name to one person and she had the option of keeping my name or trading it with someone else. She traded and my gifter was Deb51. When my boxes came I was going to open one gift a day..but that didn't happen. It was just too tempting! This house has me down and I needed a lift.

Here are all the gifts unopened. I tried to think of a time in my life when I had 20 gifts to open. I did, at my first baby shower 46 years ago!

These gifts were for spoolie, shiney and chocolate

The shiney is a tote with my initals done in Gold metallic thread

This redwork table topper is fabulous!

The stitching is perfect

One theme was Santa's bag..she made a tote out of a santa hat!

and filled it with things to make bags with!

Stringy, heavenly, kisses for Misletoe and a cinnamon candle for the smells of Christmas

Coffee/tea, gingerbread & Santa's stocking were next

Cotton & jingle bells

Let it snow & apron book and fabric to make one of the aprons

Next came sticky, ouchie and snowman

A 4th box came today with Kitchen. Deb made coasters, pot holders, embroidered towels, cookie cutters and lots of candy cups!

In the bottom of the box...she made one extra #21..because I was good and not naughty! It made me laugh! Fabric crayons & markers, pretty holiday computer paper and now I can make hot pads to go with the other kitchen items.
When I started this swap I had no idea the position I would be in right now. I really needed this lift! Deb did a fabulous job filling my boxes and my heart. She must be a very special person! Thanks Deb!


Marsha said...

She sure hit the button! they are wonderful grifts. Now that I have seen a full box I understand so much better. Your Pollyanna did good. I could see the smiles in your writtings. Hope they stay there for a long time. Happy holidays. Marsha

quiltbea said...

I'm sure this put a smile on your face. It was a great idea and I'm glad you are happy with the reults.
I hope things improve for you.

Shogun said...

Isn't it great when people are so thoughtful and creative? Your gifts sound like wonderful surprises. I have been trying to check the board now and then to see what people are sending each other in your swap.

On a different subject, I still have not found any homespuns at any of the LQS I visit.

Gina said...

What a great haul of goodies. You deserve them and more my friend

Love and hugs Gina xxx