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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marketing..Double roll bath tissue??? are they kidding?

When we were first introduced to double roll bath tissue I got the feeling we were in for a marketing ride, and on the other side we would find out we got nothing. I was right!

I thought the roll, over time, was getting shorter. No way to prove that so I accepted the roll as double. Today I found an old roll in my craft box.

AHA...proof! Did they think we wouldn't notice? Are we that dumb..of course not, especially since they went overboard this time. They can"t fool us when we have the same bath roller we always had.

Did they really think we wouldn't notice the 1/2 inch on each side of the spindel?

So what did we get? A puffy roll that rattles on the roller, the same amount of paper for more money? I want my long roll of paper back! Charge me more but make it fit the roller! I'm writing all of them, even the Charmin people who are no longer Charming!


Margie said...

Have kept track of your blog for sometime now and just today noticed the button for the HGTV member. Is that something new or has it been there all along. Did you make it? I love it!!

I believe the TP thing, they are going to get us one way or the other.

Take Care --Goaskmom from HGTV

Holee said...

Margie, the HGTV button has been there for sometime now. I did make it..TY. I saw the other buttons, but wanted something more quiltie so I ventured into the world of making your

Tom H said...

Get ready for the next BIG redesign of TP. All one has to do is look at photos in the newspaper and magazines of folks from the rear, to see that this next size will need to be. Just my guess.

Holee said...

OMG Tom! They would have to use the tube for paper towels! LOL

Shogun said...

This one is TOO funny but I totally believe it.
I have been pointing out things like this - something that I SWEAR used to be longer/thicker, etc., but never have any proof. Wish I had old boxes or old samples of things to prove it.

Sherry said...

Try Northern. I believe it's still the same length. I noticed that another brand was short too...can't remember which, but it was a name brand.

Check the square footage listed on the package...for more value for your money.

I know people especially those with kids who purchase the single ply. I prefer 2-ply and find that when I visit people with 1-ply that I use more paper...and have to remember when I get home to pull off less.

Okay...more info from me than anyone wanted to know! LOL