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Monday, October 19, 2009

I thought I'd post something

I have survived so far! The weather has been against us, snow, snow and more snow. You can see the snow photo's on my son's blog..

We did manage to install 2 windows, not completely, but it will do for now. We also got rid of one window that was on the cold and windy side of the house.

I also got busy on finishing up the Christmas items for my Pollyanna swap on HGTV. I called it "All I want for Christmas". Each swapper buys 20 themed items for her partner, some fabric, some handmade and some to eat..Candy!

I have extra swappers to send boxes too. There are just some ladies having a hard time this year and I wanted to include them. Everyone filled out a question sheet. I can't believe sewing machines are not standard sized, but I have 6 that are all different in size so I am hoping they all fit.

One lady does not like cats so I made her a dog

I also made them wall/door hangings.

I spent sometime making tags.

This afternoon I need to trim them and put in a ribbon.
I also have 30 kids pillow cases cut out and ready to sew this week.
Even in this mess I found a clean, small space to sew. Now I'm Happy!


Tom H said...

Glad to hear that things are beginning to settle. Remember Holee, pace yourself. Three hours of sewing, then three minutes of work, three hours sewing then three minutes work.....Oh! you can keep the snow.

Gina said...

I'm glad that there is a bit of normality creeping into your hectic life at the moment.
I love all the goodies you've made

Love and hugs Gina xxx

tisme said...

I am home from care giving. That is one job, that I have the deepest respect for anyone that does it full time.
Got to the quilt shop in Brookville and picked up a new book and some fabric that I forgot to get when we were all there.
Hope you are doing well.

shawkl said...

Agree with Tom, pace yourself. And his priorities are in order too...lot's more sewing than working!! Amazing how just being able to really just sit and stitch calms the spirit. Glad to see you posting. Wish I was there sitting beside you chatting while we stitched!! Hugs, Kathy

Shogun said...

Glad you got some windows done. That cat sewing machine cover is so cute! I hopped on here to check out all the minis, going to go look for them. It is more fun to see them all together in one spot.