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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Give Away....Added items

Gee, I seem to have lots of traffic on the blog, but no one is taking a chance on the wonderful, expensive tape dispenser from All Modern.

I've decided to add some more items to make the pot larger! Unfortunely, All Modern had me edit the Html and now I can't add anything to that post.

I'll add the items to this post, BUT..if you want to take a chance, you must leave a comment on the post below...PLEASE..Don't comment to this post or you won't be counted when I use the random number generator.

I thought I would add some sewing things today. Maybe you would like to make a gift to wrap up in all the gifty items. Here are 3 stacks of felted wool from my collection. Wool makes great tote bags, lap quilts or just cute decorations on items.They measure 4 x 4 inches.

I've collected lots of colors!


everythingquilts said...

I did leave a comment below, but have a question about the wool. What does it mean when they say it's felted?

Holee said...

I emailed you about felting wool. Nope, you aren't #13. Shogun posted twice so you are #12. :)

Shogun said...

I am sorry, did I mess up the system? I can remove my postings!

kmouse said...

Hi Holee
I just finished checking out your blog and LOVE it !!
Thank you for reminding me about roasting garlic !!
Gonna have some tonight !!
Will have to try your onion recipe !!