Bee's Hive

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Still fighting

It's been a few weeks of sleeping, problems with vision and the use of my hands but once again I seem to be getting stronger and able to stay up and running for a while. Today I pulled out tomato plants and cleared that bed, ironed a stack of shirts and pillow cases that had piled up and baked a cake...big improvement !

I wanted to wear my new apron that Rita sent to me and show you all this cleaver idea. It wouldn't take much to copy it. It's a man's over sized shirt with the sleeve's cut out and the front sewn down. I love it...Thanks Rita.

She also sent me a garden flag that she knew would remind me of times past. Life has changed since we left Lancaster Pa. for Texas. But this flag pretty much is the picture of what use to be. I have it in my Sun flower garden.

and now back to bed. I've had a pretty big day, first one in many weeks. I just want to rest now. Besides the heat has been awful and takes a lot out of me. It's been hotter here then it was in Texas......humid and just plain hot and sticky!


O'Quilts said...

I love the picture of you baking a cake...and the apron..and the sunflowers. Sunflowers are my very favorite flower. So glad you are up and at r a wonder. I had an outing tonight but grief overcame me and I had to come home...Red wine is helping me now...that and and a post from you!!

m. said...

Very clever apron idea. And how wonderful for a friend to make you such a sweet gift. Thanks for sharing! (Speaking of sweet...that cake batter looks deliciously sweet!). I hope this is a good day for you!