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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All sewing is on hold...

I'm really getting tired of this once a year move but this time it's for my own good. Steps are not my friend and old damp houses make me feel miserable.  We'll be moving January 1st to one floor living in a more modern house without 12 foot Victorian ceilings so the heat won't be over my head!

In the meantime I've begun to collect fabrics for my battenburg lace quilt for my bed. I've pretty much decided on floral hex's in square's...on point. I'm hoping I can find all rose fabric's. Although red is one of my favorite colors it just is not how I see my bedroom.  This is the first fabric I've chosen.
I don't usually like black in a floral quilt but in this case with all the white it needs some pop. My inspiration was this quilt. I have no idea where I got this photo so I can't give credit to anyone for it.
I don't think I'll be using any yellow in my quilt since that is the only block in this quilt that I don't like. Since I'll be using squares in my quilt I'll have to figure out what to do with the corners...the original quilt had colored squares to fill up the empty space. I'm thinking sage green like the stems of flowers.
Each of the hex's is embroidered around the edge. I figure that can be a work in block at a time. 

I also have a lot of doll clothes to finish up next year and that is just too much fun!  What I am doing right now in between packing up is repairing the lace pieces. Only a few need fixing but that takes pinning them to a wood frame to get the thread taught. Once I get started on the quilt it shouldn't take long to put together since half the quilt is finished because of the lace pieces. 

I've looked at so many "new" quilts with all the bright colors. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like the brights for quilts. Sleeping is suppose to be a calm quiet time. I've seen some quilts that would make me want to jump up and dance a wild dance. 

But with that said, this new living space is modern so I intend to try out some wild colors for table runners and placemats. Also I have a granddaughter that will graduate in the spring and go off to college. I might make her a quilt with vivid colors to take with her. I've seen some I like with circles. I was thinking of calling one Tiny Bubbles, like the song. I can see it in my head. Tiny bubbles and hearts floating all over in colors coming from a Hawaiian lei with maybe a lime green background. Guess that song makes me pretty old!  
Hawaiian Ginger lei
Even with all the packing, Thanksgiving and Christmas will still be celebrated. I was just looking at tickets for the Nutcracker in Philly. They still have a few orchestra seats left for some of the shows. Maybe I'll get to see it again this year. 


Rhonda said...

Now that song is stuck in my head....I'll be singing it all day long... ;-]

Margie said...

Love the looks of that quilt and am going to save the picture of it for just in case I might want to figure it out!!

Hope your move goes well!! Take Care

elsie123 said...

You have to be an expert on moving by now! You've definitely got the right attitude about it, and that's half the battle.

Like all your projects. :)