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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter in Pennsylvania

The first year in San Antonio Texas we celebrated having no snow. By year 2 we were missing the leaves turning color, the steam that formed on the window's when you cooked and yes, the snow.

Now I know in Northern Texas they get turning leaves and snow but not in San Antonio. We just moved to the wrong part of Texas I guess.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but the weather said by night fall snow would move in. You could see it in the sky as the sun went down.  And then came the storm...I forgot how beautiful the first flakes coming down were so gentle. I missed the branches of the tree's each being decorated and when the storm was over and the sun peeked out the tree's lit up like they had diamonds on them.

I'm sure if we get hit with a big storm I'll be saying ugh, but I did enjoy this first snow!


Margie said...

Lovin the pictures of the snow!! Also want to let you know that they are asking about you over on the HGTV board. Was reading the "Forum Snowmen BOM". Hope you are doing well & take care

Joan Price said...

I don't think I could ever give up my Pennsylvania winters. I know it means more work: snow shoveling, heating system maintenance, plugging drafts, etc; however, there is just something magical about snowfall. Everything has a peaceful purity to it. Plus, it's the best reason to snuggle, drink hot chocolate, and watch terrible action flicks or rom coms. I am sure Texas is lovely, but I'd be very sad to not have a proper snowfall. By the way, your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.