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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dave's shopping trip

Friday night Dave announced that he and his friend Amos were going shopping to look at tools...what ??? I'm exhausted from this move and it's not over  Are you crazy!  I went to bed and dropped into a deep sleep.

Saturday morning I got up and went on the enclosed porch to open the shades and see if it was still raining. Some how Dave managed to go out the back door, into the garage and around the house to the front porch. At first I didn't see him. Then he said.."Happy Birthday Mom"!  Birthday?  Couldn't be the end of July already...and Oh My!  Love the "tools" he and Amos were shopping for!

Cracker Barrel is not my favorite place to eat because it just seems too much is on the plate, but I LOVE to sit on their rockers and just watch people. Now Dave and Amos can eat there because I can sit at home on my rocker, watch from my porch and eat a salad...Isn't it beautiful!

The rocker is sitting where our pellet stove will sit. The Amish cradle I bought for myself a week ago instead of the bureau I is fun when you just go for it and ignore the real.


Sherry said...

What a good son! I KNOW you will enjoy your present.

Sherry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wonderful that it coincided with your homecoming. :D

Rita said...

What a wonderful gift Dave has given you. I've seen the rockers many times at Cracker Barrel and now you have one. They are so well made. And it is perfectly made for your porch. Enjoy!