Bee's Hive

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It only took 18 years...I was pacing myself. I started making this for my son's truck. Back then the truck had 4 wheels. Now his truck has 18 wheels. No fringe, just a good truck color. He hasn't been home for over a month. I hope him and the box arrive about the same time.


tisme said...

Looks good! I finished a crochet project a few months ago, time to start another one, I think.

Rita said...

It's just right for a grown up boy. Big, warm and comfy. He will think of you on cold evenings when someone says "no, you can't turn up the heat." :)

Sherry said...

He can't help but be excited! 1st DH tried not to be gone over 2 weeks at a time...he wasn't always able to do that.