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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Few New Projects

Please click on the Butterfly on the right to view the Holocaust Butterfly Project.

When I lived in Lancaster, Pa. I went to many auctions, many were Amish Families. In one of the sewing boxes I won, I found an envelope stamped from the post office, 1945. On the envelope it advertised butterfly pot holders. That was about 10 years ago.

Today I opened the envelope. To my surprise it was not embroidery work pot holders, but a full set of embroidery designs for a State Flower Quilt. The paper is in very bad condition. It is so dry and brittle it began to tear as I tried to cut the States apart.

I am going to try and transfer the designs to fabric. Of course there are only 48 States. It would be such ashame to have these designs lost so after I transfer them, I am going to take photo's of each block and post them here for anyone who wants to print them out. For those in other countries, it would be easy to remove the State name and just use the flower.


tisme said...

Bea, my mom has these, I will see if I can get a picture of the quilt that was done with them. My grandma did the flowers, and my Mom did the state birds.

shawkl said...

Those are gorgeous! I'd love to stitch up some of those. In place of the state name, I might use other faith, peace, honor, etc.

If I had a lot of grand children it would be neat to put their names there too!

Thanks Bea!

Margie said...

Bea, goaskmom here. I bought a large box of old patterns at a yard sale and would like to share but am unsure of all the copyright stuff. How old does it need to be before I can share? If you can give me some pointers maybe we could have a lot of new patterns. I remember my Grandmother having your state patterns but don't remember if she ever did them.