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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who would have thought...

....that at age 65 I would get a new grown daughter? To top that off she is from Thailand, beautiful and a friend of my son Dave's. Her name is Prim.
I'm not sure just how this came about but most likely Dave was telling her about my sewing and how much I would love to have quilting books from her country.

Yesterday I got a mailer with a very cute Thai mailman on it. He is wearing a helmet because they use scooters in Thailand.
On the back of the envelope he has his hands folded, showing respect with the Thai greeting.

Inside I found 2 quilting books. One celebrates the granny patch while the other celebrates the log cabin.
Here is a picture of the King of Thailand that was on the inside cover.

King Bhuimibal Adulyadej

So many tote bags, but what wonderful leather straps they used! Now I will be searching on line for leather straps!

And the log cabin quilts..

Thank You for the wonderful gifts and Thank You for being my Thai daughter, Prim.

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tisme said...

WAY COOL!! The books, and the daughter.