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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The quilts are on the road...all 98! Blocks

The quilter's at HGTV message board site sent in 98, yep I didn't get that wrong..98 Blocks for the Kevin project! They were so generous that we now have a big wonderful quilt for Kevin and also a lap quilt that he will be able to use for rehab in Florida!

Kevin's quilt top is on the way to QuiltCat Blue in Florida who will put it on her longarm quilter and turn it into a piece of art!

Mom's blocks are on the way to Gremlin & Candi in Montana who will turn them into a beautiful quilt with the help of friends.

Breezy's top is finished as is the lap quilt..they are taking a trip to my new house in Franklin, Pa. and as soon as I find myself a spot to work, I'll be turning them into cuddly quilts too!

All it takes is a bunch of wonderful ladies giving a little to be able to make such a warm hearted gift as this will be. THANK YOU LADIES AT HGTV MESSAGE BOARD!

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elsie123 said...

You've done so much, and on top of moving as well. Such a generous gesture, and I know it will be appreciated by Kevin as well as his mom and sister. Yes, those on the HGTV message board are a special group of people.